Welcome to Aelan!

The campaign is set in a fairly standard fantasy world (think Tolkien, D&D, Warhammer, Wheel of Time etc…) wrecked by a magic event gone wrong.

Instead of destroying the remaining evil in the world as intended, a spell of mythic proportions instead fractures the very fabric of Space and Time, shattering civilization and physically blending the previously separate realms of good and evil, ending the previous age and ushering in a new one of violence, ignorance and disorder.

Amongst the broken civilization magic has become a rare sight. However due to the magical nature of the destruction of Aelan magic is ill-thought of in many quarters and anything beyond simple or subtle tricks in public can cause angry reactions from the general population. To compensate for these two significant disadvantages to the magic classes there exists a slight increase in the amount of spells they can learn per level.

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