Pre-Forge Aelan, was a peaceful, prosperous place populated by Humans, Dwarves, Elves and Halflings. The population was mostly focused around the five Great Cities.

The Order of High Wizzards acted as guardians of the civilized lands. Using their monopoly of magic, knowledge and history to craft a prosperous and happy realm.

The majority of the landmass in the centre of Pre-Forge Aelan was known as the Great Green Plains and the majority of the population were Humans. However the percentage of other races present was roughly proportionate to the proximity of their ‘home’ lands.

To the West of the Great Green Plains lay the mountainous kingdom of the DwarvesDwargarth.

To the East of the Great Green Plains lay the dense forest woodland that is Ellefey – home of the Elves.

Off the Eastern Coast of Ellefey lay the Halfing Isles home of the Halflings.